“People tend to think of us as buffalo people, but really, we are horse people, too. That got lost and is coming back, and we want to document that,” said Jim Cortez, the film’s editor of “We Are A Horse Nation.”

There are many reasons to experience the Reservation on horseback:

Picture the sky in the Great Plains in a brilliant blue as you ride toward the white bluffs providing you with a breathtaking view of Lakota country. You will be surrounded by beautiful prairie flowers, some pine trees, sage bushes and cacti. White tale deer, coyotes and porcupines could cross the trails while leaving the ranch behind. The air is clear as you see the spectacular scenery of the Badlands while riding through a cow herd. You are in the Great Plains, experiencing it, and seeing it the way it was meant to be seen... on the back of a horse.

Are you looking for a memorable riding experience? We have customers that come from all over the country and world to enjoy our horseback riding. We provide rides, from beginners to advanced, singles to large groups, and families with children. Even if you have never been on a horse, we will provide you with a wonderful first experience.

All of our trail rides are individually designed for our customers: So we can offer "walking" rides to keep it simple and gentle on both riders and their horses. However, if you are an experienced rider and you are interested in something that requires a greater skill level, just let us know. We can provide an advanced rider that would like to "kick it up a little" with a faster ride, also. We have something for everyone, so come on out and have some fun.

Our experienced horses will make sure you have both a fun and a safe ride. You will have the benefit of gentle horses and expert guides, like the owner herself, Rosie, while you enjoy the great scenery and authentic „Cowboy Feeling“ of the great outdoors.

Singing Horse Trading Post offers a wide variety of riding fun:

  • Riding lessons for beginners and advanced with our gentle horses, no age limit
  • Riding lessons tailored towards children
  • Guided trail rides from one hour up to one day
  • Guided day rides into the Badlands of South Dakota
  • Guided overnight rides with camping